The CIA Declassifies Reverse Speech

I arrived back in Australia to somewhat of a surprise. One of my students informed me that Reverse Speech had been added to the CIA’s website. It has? My mind raced back to the lectures I gave them back in 1991. I went to the CIA listing and there it was quoting my 1991 book, “Reverse Speech Hidden Messages in Human Communication,” by David John Oates. The listing had a PDF file which had a copy of the title page, a list of contents and footnotes. The body of the book was not there. I dug a bit deeper and discovered it had been released on November 4, 2016 as a CREST document. I googled crest (I love google!) and discovered it was a CIA directive that automatically declassifies material after 25 years. It all fit. It was released exactly 25 years after I gave my lectures to them. This proved 2 things. Firstly to the naysayers who claimed these lectures never took place, well, here is proof that they did, and secondly, it shows that they took Reverse Speech seriously enough to do something with it. The release had also claimed it was part of the STARGATE project.

I googled stargate and discovered it was program established to research the military potential of psychic phenomenon, particularly Remote Viewing. The program ended in 1996, but what have they done with Reverse Speech? What will future releases show over the next few years? Was I really under surveillance after I gave my lectures to them in 1991? And the house fire and the people we heard in the office? Then there was the automatic download of data from my computer at 3:00 AM every morning to a server in Virginia, coincidentally where the CIA is based. Suddenly all the pieces seemed to fall into place. I received numerous emails following the news of this release. One from Scott Jones who informed me I had shaken the CIA up and one agent had said to him “If this is true then there are no more secrets.” I also received an email from a former FBI agent who told me they had regularly used Reverse Speech in the field with outstanding results. I shook my head in amazement. 34 years of my life’s work vindicated. I HAD been taken seriously and they were using my technology. Furthermore, I also received emails from a small handful of academics and linguists who said privately they endorsed my theories but they could never go public with it. The academic community just doesn’t work that way. I guess I was saying the world is round. Language is bi level – forwards and backwards. – by David Oates

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