Reverse Speech

1. Reverse Speech is another form of human communication that is automatically generated by the brain          when we speak. 

  2. It occurs backwards in speech and can be heard when          human speech is recorded and played backwards.

  3. It operates in unison with forward speech and is                    complementary to it (the forwards and reverse relate to        each other)

  4. It is a communication process and is received and                understood by the human brain on an unconscious level.

‘Reverse Speech’ is our inner being communicating with us and making us aware of what we already know on a subconscious, spiritual or divine source level, but which, somewhere along our lives unfolding, we forgot.”

Even while writing this, I can feel the goose-bumps and tingles dancing through me because I have and continue to experience the awesome life changing effects of its power. This process which the genius of David Oates has discovered and created is a Godsend and I do not say that lightly. I have seen and witnessed first-hand how it has dramatically changed the lives of people from all walks of lives, from all backgrounds and from all circumstances. If the person is willing to be open to the ‘possibility of change’ and be open to challenging their present belief structures, which most of the time ‘do not serve them’, and is committed to doing what needs to be done instead of being governed by a victim mentality, then their lives will surely change for the better.

So to sum it all up…Reverse Speech is the window to the centre of your Soul, and has the ability to re-empower you with that which you were born to embrace and grow.

by Corey Donoghue

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