• Always hold the interests of the Reverse Speech Technology in high regard.
  • When representing Reverse Speech, always present it in an accurate and complete manner, as taught in the officially recognized training programs of Reverse Speech Pty Ltd., and as represented by the founder and developer, David John Oates.
  • Respect and abide by any and all licensing conditions, requirements, privileges and restrictions of Reverse Speech Pty Ltd., as may apply due to the earning of any certifications.
  • Represent yourself and any Reverse Speech certifications held in an accurate manner.
  • With regards to general recordings, always record the speech of others within the restrictions of applicable law.
  • Except for public domain recordings, never analyze any tape in reverse or disclose information found in reverse unless written consent has been obtained for all persons on the tape.
  • With regards to private session work, always respect and maintain the confidentiality of all taped recordings and session transcripts, subject to the release or agreement of the recorded persons.
  • Always use the Reverse Speech Technology in an honest manner and not in any fashion that could be construed as being illegal, unethical, harmful, damaging or detrimental to the persons on tape or damaging to Reverse Speech Pty Ltd., or the further research and utilization of the speech reversal technology.
  • Respect the property rights of other Reverse Speech students, trainees, analysts, practitioners and enthusiasts, including copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets.
  • Never publicly present any new theories or modifications of existing theories (analytical or re-structural) about the Reverse Speech technology unless prior approval of the Board of Directors of Reverse Speech Pty Ltd., has been first obtained.
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