Corey Donoghue


To take those who are truly seeking change, through a series of effective and powerful processes, tailor-made for them, plus teaching them the tools, techniques and strategies required, for the ultimate purpose of living a better, more enriched and more fulfilled life.

“I was born to be of service and to contribute in order to make a difference. As your unconscious and conscious blockages are removed, you will begin to remember who you truly are and the power which you possess. Then the life you truly intended to live, will eventually be your reality.”
Corey Donoghue

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‘CIA declassifies Reverse Speech and adds it to their library. Further proof that this phenomena is very real.’



Corey offers three distinct areas of packages / programmes …

‘Coaching and Mentoring’ programmes are ‘personal development based’. Personal Development is about the growth, nurturing and enhancement of you as a whole, in order for you to be able to live an enriched, fulfilling and meaningful life. This involves learning how to effectively understand and develop oneself spiritually, emotionally, vibrationally, physically and mentally. These programmes are for you if you want to be a better, more successful and happier person in life, or if you simply want to learn how to be even happier than you already are.

‘Nucleus’ packages are ‘reverse speech based’ and are used by those who are incredibly busy and need urgent clarity or need to make a quick decision, within 7 days, on a particular challenge, problem, question, scenario or issue. This is when time is of the essence.

‘Reborn’ packages are also ‘reverse speech based’ and are used by those who want or need a detailed ‘map’, to help them break through their pains and blockages and to guide them step by step, through a process of effectively creating and expanding their life, in the area or areas they choose to focus on.




  • 4 x 30 minute sessions.
    • 1st session – Video Web Conference with Corey Donoghue, Action Steps.
    • 2nd session – Group discussions, Q&A, Actions Accountability …


  • 1 x 30 minute session.
    • Each session is via phone, webex, skype or conference call with screen.
    • Each session is specifically tailored for you.




  • 3-4 Days
  • One Area of Focus
  • Skilled analysis of your information sheet and transcribed in ‘simple to understand’ English.


  • 7 Days
  • One Area of Focus
  • Skilled analysis of your information sheet, 1x 15 minute Reversal Session,1x 30 minute session with your CRSP



  • 33 Days
  • One Area of Focus
  •  2x 15 minute Reversal Sessions
  • 3x 30 minute sessions with your CRSP
  • 2x Metawalks


  • 99 Days
  • One or Two  Area of Focus
  • 5x 15 minute Reversal Sessions
  • 7x 30 minute sessions with your CRSP
  • 5x Metawalks


Results from just a few of those who Corey has personally worked with, whether through the numerous companies and organisations he has helped, or through individuals seeking him out themselves.

I needed a certain kick up the bum on occasions and I definitely got that when I needed it, but I also got someone who was there for me at all times to just kind of hold my hand through the process.

– Craig T.





I feel like I have transformed. After simply doing the process with Corey, the ways just came. Thank you Corey, you have been absolutely fantastic and amazing.

– Inesa D.


He (Corey) was fantastic. …as a result of that, it’s just pushed me to the next level. I’m now doing the bigger deals. It’s really pushed me to another level now. Some of the other things that Corey taught me, forms part of my daily routine now. Just jump straight in. For me, he’s become a lifelong friend now.

– Rajesh B.


He was full of knowledge. He likes to help people. He helped me massively. I highly recommend Corey and he is such a blessing to come into my life.

– Daniel S.


Absolutely life changing. It took my business to a whole different level. It took my relationship to a whole different level. All I can say is… spectacular. He (Corey) is an amazing soul

– Gill A.


Thank you Corey for being an extraordinary mentor. Your enthusiasm and aliveness helped me tremendously in my journey. The foundations you laid at the beginning… they are still the key to my on-going transformation. You’re amazing.

– Delphine F.S.


I highly recommend the process. I adore Corey. He is so helpful and puts himself out to spend time with you. If you haven’t tried this process yet, then you really need to.

– Jill B.


He (Corey) doesn’t let you come up with any excuses. He is absolutely focused on you. It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much.

– Nikoletta V.


Actually hearing your unconscious speak to you, I just can’t describe how that feels.

– Emma R.


That (reversals) is some powerful, powerful stuff, beyond what you can imagine. What your unconscious can tell you about you is mind blowing.

– Shakila D.